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Optimum Chiropractic & Wellness Center
This practice is the best! I am retired and have been to many Dr.s and Dr Colin Tkachuk is indeed a professional. I could write an extended narrative but will be brief:
-I suffered from soft tissue injuries as a result of an automobile accident.
-I was recommended to have "Dr. Colin" to treat me.
-Before each treatment, he spent time discussing my injury.
- Unlike 99% of Chiropractic Dr.s, "Dr. Colin " did not the pin me to the exam table to crack my back".
-"Dr. C." had 9 years of medical experience before becoming a Chiropractor so he knows how the entire body functions.
-At the end of the treatment, Dr. C." spends time teaching physical treatment exercises.
-He and his Office Manager was a blessing during my recovery process.

Another review on YELP....
Started seeing Dr. Colin Tkuchuk not sure if I spelled that right, 3 weeks ago and he is very patient and knowledgeable. He helped me to tape my knee prior to a half marathon which helped tremendously!! Karen his front desk is very nice and always works you in the schedule. Definitely will be visiting on a regular basis!!

Another YELP review....
Dr. Tkachuk and Karen are awesome! They are very courteous to their patients and make everything easy to understand. They don't X-Ray everything like most dr.'s (only if necessary) so they never make you pay for something you don't need. Dr. Tkachuk tries to get to root of the problem and gives great advice on how to change your lifestyle in order to fix any ailments. I put my full trust in the chiro office and have already recommended to friends and family. Great prices also!

Another YELP review...

Was nervous to try a new chiropractor when I moved and needed a closer place -- but I've been very happy with Dr. Tkachuk. Appointments are quick and easy to make wth Karen, and they usually have flexible slots. Service is great and he keeps my back in check. The best part is, unlike with most doctors, I'm always seen on time. Thumbs up for Optimum Chiro!

Another review...

DISCLAIMER: I was the most reluctant person EVER to go to a chiropractor. Eventually the pain in my neck and back got to be so bad, I had no choice.

I found Dr, Tkachuk through my mother, so this review will reflect her experiences as well. She, like me, did not really believe in the chiropractic field. After a few appointments with Dr. Tkachuk and a few sessions with the medical masseuse, she absolutely raved about it.

So I gave him a shot. I have to say, this guy knows what he is doing and has really helped getting my pain down. I believe that he has put me on a plan that will not just alleviate my pain, but help to prevent it in the future.

I would absolutely recommend this place to anyone who is in pain and skeptical of a chiropractor. SET AN APPOINTMENT! Also, bonus for sending me a text message reminder 24 hours before my appointment.

Another review...

The best chiropractor in the area by far. I have been to others and this guy is the best. They Treat you with ease from your first phone call to the day you enter. Very unrushed visit and I didn't feel like they were trying to sell me something or over recommend treatment. I felt like everyone genuinely cared and Dr. Tkachuk was like the old time doctor that you never see anymore. Honest, professional, experienced, knowledgable are just a few words to describe him. When I found out he was an registered nurse at one time in his life it impressed me even more, knowing his previous experience and knowing that he will see me from both sides of the treatment spectrum. I will and have recommended him to everyone who ever wants a new chiropractor or needs someone who I know I can trust with anybody I care about and know they will have a good expience with great results. Go see him if you have any sort of back or neck or headaches. You will be glad you chose him first.

Another Review...

Dr. Tkachuk is a consummate professional, and maintains the highest standards of care for his patients. As a medical colleague, I feel confident referring patients and friends to his practice without hesitation.